Best Nano CBD Products

Our Nano Emulsions can be added to virtually any type of product for substantial increase in bioavailability. CBD water is the most popular, this is a short list of products nano cbd can be added to.

Cannabis & CBD Edibles:

Can be added to any edible increasing absorption and bioavailability.

Cannabis & CBD Shots / Drops:

Drops contain 10/20 mg of THC or THC/CBD combinations and are perfect for addition to the beverage of your choice, stable in hot or cold drinks.

Cannabis & CBD Beverages:

Beverages are limited only by imagination, but the process is particularly suited to fruit juices, health, sport energy drinks, and of course water.

Water Soluble Terpenes:

Add these to any formulation as a flavor element.

Cannabis & CBD Tinctures:

Extremely high bioavailability, the effects of nanoemulsions taken sublingually can be felt within minutes.

Cannabis & CBD Cremes & Topicals:

Small particle size and high bioavailability increases the absorption through the dermal layer and into a persons system up to 5 times more effective than using oil based topicals.

Cannabis & CBD Sex Lube:

Water based formulas can be used to create sex lube with either THC and or CBD to enhance any sexual experience.