Water Soluble CBD FAQ’s

Can CBD really be made water soluble?

Yes. When CBD oil is processed correctly through specialized Nano Emulsification equipment.

What color is water soluble CBD?

Clear. When CBD particles are reduced to less than ~25 nanometers they remain translucent and clear when added to water

Should CBD water be stored in plastic?

No. If you see CBD water in clear plastic bottles its a big mistake, contact us to find out why

Is Nano Enhanced CBD better

Yes. When produced correctly Nano Enhanced CBD has up to 6x the effectiveness of traditional CBD oil.

Can Nano CBD be added to hot beverages?

Yes. Our nano emulsions are thermodynamically stable and can be added into any type of beverage including coffee, and tea’s

Nano Emulsion FAQ’s

How stable are Nano-emulsions?

Answer: They remain stable indefinitely if formulated correctly.

How about transdermal?

Answer: Yes, you can use nanoemulsions for transdermal applications.

What about an oral spray rather than the standard oil dropper taken orally?

Answer: Yes, nanoemulsions can be used as water-based oral sprays and are very effective.

Do Nano Emulsified products hold up well under processes such as carbonation and pressurized beverage serving systems?

Answer: These processes should not affect the stability of concentrated or diluted Nano emulsions. Nano Emulsions work great for beverages of all types.

If you are using a terpene profile will this solubilize them as well?

Answer: Yes, terpenes can be nano-emulsified together with (or separately from) CBD.

What is the maximum possible concentration of cannabinoids in the emulsion?

Answer: Stable milky nanoemulsions can be made with up to about 100 mg/ml of CBD. Translucent nanoemulsions can have up to about 50 mg/ml of CBD with the end product remaining “clear”

General FAQ’s

What are your processing capabilities?

Answer: Currently we can create approximately 100,000 doses (at 10mg / mL) per hour in each one of our labs. We can of course scale up at any time to meet our clients needs.

Is it possible to white label your products?

Answer: Of course, since our focus is on wholesale, it is possible to use your label and branding.

Are Nano Emulsions really water soluble?

Answer: Yes. CBD is a hydrophobic (water-hating) oily substance and, as such, not water-soluble. They can, however, be formulated to be water-compatible and appear water-soluble

Can a nanoproduct such as a beverage be tested for potency for cannabinoids with a standard lab test?

Answer: Yes if the lab has sufficient experience with nano-emulsions. The testing is normally done by HPLC coupled with mass spec and/or UV, and involves transferring (extracting) the active ingredients (cannabis extract, isolate, etc.) from the product to an organic solvent. We use both internal testing and external third party testing facilities to ensure product integrity.

Do you offer samples?

Yes. Please contact us to discuss your needs and receive a sample including Certificate of Analysis

How do you test your products?

We use 3rd party testing on all products before and after we process them. This includes testing for pesticides, heavy metals and concentration rates for all cannabinoids, All of our products ship with a COA (Certificate of Analysis)

Is CBD Legal?

Yes, CBD is legal in all 50 states