5280 Nano Technologies LLC is a Colorado based biotechnology company comprised of leading experts in the fields of Nanotechnology, Engineering, Organic Chemistry and Food Science.

We specialize in the creation of full-spectrum Cannabis Nanoemulsions and what we call “Hyper Bioavailable” formulations for the cannabis industry. We use high power ultrasonic emulsification equipment with all-natural proprietary blend of surfactants and emulsifiers to create extremely small nano-sized particles which dramatically enhances bioavailability and increased absorption via any ingestion method.

What do nano cannabinoids look like?

When produced correctly nano cannabinoids are translucent meaning that when a dose is mixed with water it remains clear.

cbd water

Partner with us

We work with leading companies in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries to help create product lines that are superior in every measurable way compared to traditional CBD or THC infused products. Please contact us for a free consultation