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Finished Products

From formulation of new innovative products all the way through helping you launch into the marketplace, 5280 Nano is here to help the entire way. Our finished products contain our proprietary nanoemulsions for increased absorption and faster uptake, your customers will love them.

Certified Organic Water-Soluble

Our ground breaking proprietary in-house process creates an optimized, highly stable water-dispersible USDA Certified Organic powder which has a very light taste profile and allows for a long shelf life in finished products. This allows companies to create products with unprecedented dosing accuracy, greater bio-availability and with safe effective ingredients.

Bulk Ingredients

The core of our business is providing the highest quality ingredients on the market. We provide the highest quality and most effective products to our customers they can trust. From seed to sale we ensure meticulous quality control, 3rd party testing and Certificate of Analysis (COA) comes with every order.

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Wholesale Water Soluble CBD Liquid

Wholesale Water Soluble Powder

Wholesale Water Soluble Topicals


Quality and brand trust is #1 > letter from the CEO

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About Us

5280 Nano Technologies is an FDA Registered, cGMP Certified, and USDA Organic Certified  premium wholesale ingredient manufacturing laboratory specializing in creating the highest quality cannabinoid-based nanoemulsions for companies who wish to provide their customers with scientifically superior, and effective products.


Milligrams of Nano CBD Shipped


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Last but not least…

Our Science

Our proprietary manufacturing process reduces the size of cannabinoids which dramatically increases bio-availability and absorption into the body.