Water Soluble CBD


A Scientific Approach

Wholesale Water Soluble CBD

We are an industrial scale laboratory specializing in creating the highest quality full spectrum CBD Nano Emulsions (water soluble cbd) for companies who wish to provide their customers with scientifically superior products.

Water Soluble CBD is created when CBD Oil is processed through highly specialized Nano-Emulsification Systems. Our proprietary manufacturing process reduces the size of  CBD particles to between 20~ 40 nanometers.

  • USA Organically Grown Products

    We only process USA organically grown industrial hemp.

  • Maximum Overdrive

    Our laboratories can process and create over 80,000 servings an hour

  • Pharmecutical Grade CBD

    We test all products prior to and after processing to ensure purity

The Benefits

The advantages for a patient using Nano Emulsions over regular oil to consume water soluble CBD rests in increased bio-availability, which is the body’s ability to absorb and utilize a substance.

  • Use up to 60% less CBD or THC for the same effectiveness
  • Water Soluble, Translucent
  • Up to 600% better bioavailability


Wholesale Water Soluble CBD can be used in a wide variety of products including beverages


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CBD Nano Emulsions are a superior way to deliver CBD by every measurable way.